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on a mission to help companies to impress their clients, staff and stakeholders with creative experiences.

NOSTE Productions


If you value agility, creativity and courage, look no further, Noste is the event partner you are looking for!


Success factors of a business event?


We help our customers to succeed in a cost-effective and effortless way, and depending on which type of event, with results of increasing sales, brand awareness, employee engagement or stakeholder satisfaction, or promoting science, networking and collaboration among industry professionals.

We produce live, hybrid and virtual corporate events and congresses, where attendees have fun, benefit and experience, while you as an organizer have the certainty that everything goes smoothly and agreed matters will be taken care of. We can also handle travel arrangements for your event.

With kick-ass project management skills always having a clear picture of your goals, target audience and budget, let's raise your event to the next level!

Your goals are our shared goals. 

Valoshow yritystapahtuman lavalla, Raide-Jokeri päätösjuhla tammikuussa 2024


Do you have in mind a spectacle that offers experiences to your customers, brings together people in your company or you are launching a new service or product? Let us help - here's how we do it:

Being in the same room with other people and feeling the energy of the crowd, experiencing the sense of excitement and connection ...

Reach a wider audience or bring together people from all over the world with an interactive virtual event or go hybrid and stream your event for those who can not ...

Exhibitions and fairs provide a unique platform for businesses and organizations to showcase their products, services, and ideas to a large and diverse audience ...

Congresses play a decisive role in promoting science, networking and collaboration among industry professionals. We strive to organize congresses based on our customers needs, professionally and reliably.

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The cooperation went well. The members of Noste's project team were professionals, and they had good network of partners to carry out different parts of a big event like ours. The meetings of our steering group were interactive. We were brainstorming ideas together and right from the start, we noticed our opinions and goals were heard and seen.

Noste succeeded in the fact that they hearkened us, and our wishes and needs. Already the first draft of the content, decoration and visuals of the venue was well internalized. The event looked like us. The schedule was solid throughout the process, during preparations and arrangements, and the budget was not exceeded, without compromising on the content nor quality. At the party, everything went exactly according to schedule, and nothing was left half-way. This was especially impressive considering how big the event was. During the event, the entire project team was present and supportive, and they came to ensure for a couple of small individual details during the celebration. As a host, we were able to fully put our focus on the event and its program. The whole event experience was really positive. All the feedback from the guests was positive.

I recommend Noste Productions as organizer of a large event of 1000 people, without hesitation.


We work with diverse selection of Finnish and global companies, across different industries in both private and public sectors.

Here's a few of them:

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Compact team with extensive global partner network -

so you can have the whole world in your hands!

Johanna Saarinen kuva

Johanna Saarinen

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CEO & Founder

+358 50 303 5013

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Laura Kokkonen henkilökuva

Laura Kokkonen

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Marketing Executive

+358 50 409 8858

laura (a)

Johanna Tukiainen, Producer

Johanna Tukiainen

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+358 40 728 0960

jtukiainen (a)

Mikael Makkonen henkilökuva

Mikael Makkonen

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Account Manager, Events

+358 41 503 4855

mikael (a)

Heidi Hovi henkilökuva

Heidi Hovi

  • Heidi Hovi Linkedin

Business Unit Director,

Congress & Meetings

+358 40 197 7450

heidi (a)

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